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Get Your Denver Police Accident Report

Learn how to get your accident report from the Denver Police Department

It is recommended you get a copy of your Denver accident report as soon as you can after a serious car accident.

Depending on where the accident happened and what department filed the report in Denver this could either be the Denver Police Department or Denver County Sheriff’s Office.

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Getting Your Accident Report from Other Colorado Police Agencies:

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In Denver, there are two different types of Accident Reports, one for accidents dealing with fatalities (also called an ‘Investigation Report’) and one for traffic accidents.

Follow the directions below to obtain the right Denver crash report for you, both reports can take from 2 weeks to one month to fulfill, please allow time for processing.

Request Your Denver Accident Report By Mail or In Person

First print and fill out this form to request an accident report. Next, you’ll want to mail or drop this form at the below address:

Denver Police Department
Records Unit
1331 Cherokee Street, Room 420
Denver, CO 80204
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Be sure to include cash, check or a money order to the ‘Denver Police Department’ in the amount of $10.00. This is Denver’s department fee to receive your accident report.

Obtaining a Denver Investigation Report if There Was a Fatality

If your accident involved a fatality, you must request an ‘Investigation Report’. Similar to the Accident Report, you can print and fill out this form. Like the Denver Police Traffic Report you can mail or drop this form off at this address:

Denver Police Department
Civil Liability Section
1331 Cherokee Street, Room 504
Denver, CO 80204
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The fee for the ‘Investigation Report’ is $15.00. Be sure to pay this cost at the same time you make your request. You can also request an Investigation Report via their website here. This route will allow you to make the request and payment for your records at the same time.

Important Notes About Denver Car Accident Reports

A Denver collision report is a report filed by police containing facts about an accident.

A Denver police accident report usually includes the following information:

It is important to obtain a copy of the Denver crash report and read it carefully to make sure it is completely accurate.

Officers have been known to make factual or subjective errors on their accident reports.

However, disputing the facts of a Denver police report can be tricky.

Depending on the circumstances of your case, you may have trouble getting your traffic accident report amended, but an experienced auto accident attorney may be able to help.

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