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Sample Case Result

The personal injury cases shown here are a sampling of results achieved for our clients. This is a partial list and does not constitute a promise of any kind. Please remember that these personal injury cases and the results achieved were dependent on many factors, and results differ from case to case depending on the circumstances particular to each case.

Settlement: $1,450,000.00

Our client was a 56 year old well liked married man who was employed full time by the U.S. Department of Army / Pueblo Chemical Depot. He was injured July 22, 2015, in severe rear end motor vehicle collision where a woman driving a Ford Explorer at 65 mph failed to recognize two vehicles ahead of her that were slowing and struck our client’s Jeep Cherokee crushing the rear end. After the impact, our client was unconscious and transported by ambulance and hospitalized for 10 days. His injuries and losses included subdural hematoma, post traumatic brain injury, torn ligaments in neck, headaches, pneumonia, and loss of his job and income.

Settlement: $450,000.00

Our client was injured on 6/30/15 in motorcycle collision in Pueblo, Colorado. A Toyota 4 Runner struck our client while he was riding his 2014 Harley Davidson motorcycle. Our client was transported by ambulance to the emergency room where he remained in the hospital for 7 days. Injuries and losses included: right eye injury requiring 11 stitches, loss of consciousness, an intracranial bleed and scalp soft tissue contusion and laceration, acute displaced and comminuted fracture of the neck of the right femur extending slightly into the femoral head, a nondisplaced right radial styloid fracture, and the loss of his job and earnings.

Settlement: $350,000.00

Our client, a 69 year old women was injured in motor vehicle accident on June 19, 2015, near the intersection of Highway 94 (a two-lane highway) and Baggett Road, El Paso County, Colorado, wherein a vehicle being driven by Adam The other driver was traveling at a high rate of speed on eastbound Highway 94. The driver attempted to illegally pass a minivan making a left turn onto Baggett Road, and crashed into the minivan. The minivan skidded 93 feet, crashed through a fence and came to rest 70 feet from the fence. Medical treatment for our client included left L3-4 transforaminal injection, lateral L3-4 and posterior instrumentation surgery, wide decompression, L3-4, L2-5 fusion surgery with placement of bone growth bone stimulator, use of allograft bone for spinal fusion and placement of epidural catheter for postoperative pain management.

Settlement: $550,000.00

Settlement following 12/17/14 two vehicle collision on I-70 wherein a pickup truck struck a white sedan occupied by our clients, a father and his college age daughter. Both were taken to hospital for serious injuries, including femur fractures.

Pre-litigation Settlement: $80,000.00

Our client was a 58 year old grandmother who was attacked while walking her small dog by neighbor’s 2 pit bull dogs. She suffered lacerations, puncture wounds, emotional trauma and death of her dog.

Mediation Recovery: Settlement: $137,500.00

Our client, a 26 year old U.S. Army Logistics Specialist, was injured in a motor vehicle accident on November 25, 2015 in a high speed collision caused by negligent motorist. He suffered back pain, neck pain, right knee, chest and abdomen pain, and left shoulder pain. He also suffered loss of employment and $17,000 earnings.

Settlement: $100,000.00

We have recently had the privilege of representing a young lady that was injured in an auto crash 3 years ago. She had been represented by a large law firm that advertises on TV and became frustrated because they never returned her calls. It was a serious accident and she received serious injuries. The prior law firm was attempting to settle her claim for less that the policy limits of $100,000.00, which if they had done that would have deprived her of the opportunity to seek additional money from her own insurance company. We took the case over and were able to settle the case for her policy limits of $100,000.00, and are now seeking additional amounts from her own insurance company.