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Pueblo Personal Injury Attorneys

We Are Pueblo’s Personal Injury Attorneys With Over 60 Years Of Combined Legal Experience. Since 1995, We Have Recovered Millions Of Dollars For Our Colorado Clients.


If you’ve suffered a serious personal injury in Pueblo, Colorado it’s essential that you speak with a qualified Pueblo personal injury lawyer to get a case review.
The law firm of McCormick & Murphy has represented injured Coloradans for over nearly 30 years. We have the resources and reputation required to maximize the results we achieve for our clients, yet we also offer personal and compassionate service.

Our Pueblo Personal Injury Practice Areas Are:

Auto Accidents

If you have suffered injuries from a car wreck in Pueblo, we invite you to contact our experienced Pueblo auto accident attorneys at McCormick & Murphy.

Motorcycle Accidents

When motorcycle accidents are caused by the negligence of another party, victims may be entitled to recover compensation under Colorado law. Contact our experienced Pueblo motorcycle accident lawyers today.

Wrongful Death

If you have lost a loved one due to the negligent or otherwise wrongful conduct of another person or party, you may be able to recover significant compensation. Our wrongful death lawyers in Pueblo can help.

Premises Liability

Slip and fall accidents are consistently among the most common causes of preventable injury in the United States. It is critical for anyone who has been seriously hurt in a slip and fall accident to speak with an attorney regarding their legal options. Contact our experienced Pueblo slip and fall accident lawyers today.

Dog Attacks

If you have been injured by a dog bite or dog attack, you should contact a lawyer to discuss your rights. An experienced personal injury attorney can help you determine whether filing a lawsuit is the right decision for you. Contact our experienced Pueblo dog bite injury lawyers today.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

It’s important that victims of TBI help secure both their immediate and future well-being by contacting an experienced brain injury attorney to be their legal advocate. Contact our experienced Pueblo traumatic brain injury lawyers today.




The complex layers of responsibility make it vital that you contact a reputable Colorado Springs law firm with experienced lawyers to handle your lawsuit.
There are thousands of personal injury lawyers in Colorado, many right here in Pueblo, so how do you find the right one for your case? Here are things you should look for in a Pueblo personal injury lawyer.

The Right Pueblo Accident Lawyers for You Will Meet You Where It’s Most Convenient

The law firm of McCormick & Murphy has represented injured Coloradans for over 24 years. We have the resources and reputation required to maximize the results we achieve for our clients, yet we also offer personal and compassionate service.
At McCormick & Murphy, our law firm is headquartered in Colorado Springs, just 40 miles down the road from Pueblo. Our injury attorneys routinely drive down to Pueblo to meet with people who’ve been injured in serious accidents.
We invite you to call us anytime to schedule a case review. We will come to meet you at your home or at the hospital, or anywhere else that’s convenient for you. Our top priority is providing you with the qualified legal counsel you need to ensure that you receive compensation for your injuries.

The Best Injury Attorneys are Excellent Communicators

The Best Injury Attorneys are Excellent Communicators
While your attorney may not be able to respond to emails and calls 24/7, he or she should be able to respond as quickly as possible and communicate with you during business hours.
Communication with your lawyer should be stress-free. If you ask questions and get vague or incomplete answers, then you might need to find someone who can answer questions thoroughly and give you the information you need.
Personality is also key when it comes to communication. You need to find a lawyer you feel comfortable around. You want someone who will listen to you instead of ignoring you or talking down to you condescendingly. If you are afraid to discuss the details of your case with your lawyer because of trust issues, then you need to find someone you can trust completely. A lack of trust is going to negatively affect your case.

At McCormick & Murphy, our team of experienced Pueblo personal injury lawyers takes a great deal of pride in treating our clients like family and doing everything we can to always keep them updated on the status of their claims.

Great Personal Injury Lawyers Have Great Client Reviews

When comparing lawyers, you should look to online reviews to help you make up your mind. Look for client testimonials, which are often found on the lawyer’s website. Look for Google reviews as well. Dozens of good reviews are a good sign. Few reviews for any lawyer is not a good sign. If you see a negative review upon a negative review, then it’s best to move on to someone else.

At McCormick & Murphy, we are proud to have earned dozens of positive reviews on Google clients, in addition to receiving hand-written reviews from our past clients.


C. O., Pueblo

I am very happy with my attorney, Jay Murphy, and the law firm of McCormick & Murphy, P. C. In 2009, I was injured in an auto collision involving a road rage incident in Pueblo, CO. The other driver denied everything and lied to the insurance company. His insurance company ignored me and would not recognize my claim. I contacted some other attorneys but they would not represent me. About 18 months after the collision, I hired Mr. Murphy. He and his staff were very helpful and responsive to my calls and questions. They assisted me throughout each step of the claim process. They helped me get all of my medical bills and liens paid. They negotiated a very good settlement on my behalf and kept me informed throughout. I felt very comfortable with them. I am satisfied with McCormick & Murphy law firm and give them the highest recommendation. When someone says they need an attorney, I tell them to call my attorney.


C. O., Pueblo

In November 2008, while I was driving from one office to another, on Hwy 50 east of Pueblo, I slowed to avoid a vehicle that had stopped after striking a deer. A pickup truck behind me struck the rear of my Jeep, propelling me off the road into a ditch. At first, I didn’t think I was too badly hurt and I declined the ambulance and did not go the emergency room. Soon, however, my back and shoulder were becoming quite painful and I was having difficulty sleeping. I tried to get my employer and the workers comp carrier to allow me to see a doctor, but they dragged their feet. Finally, after about three weeks, I did see a doctor. That doctor, a workers compensation doctor, quickly declared that I was able to return to full work duties and filed a closing report with workers compensation (even though I needed further care). The other driver’s insurance wanted to settle for just $2,600. I decided I needed to see an attorney about my injuries, my insurance, and my unpaid property damage. I searched for a Christian attorney. I found the law firm of McCormick & Murphy and set up an initial free consultation with them. The initial meeting was informative and I did not feel pressured by them. I felt comfortable with the attorney I met with and decided to hire them. They gathered my medical records, guided me with my insurance issues and my need to get treatment (including surgery on my shoulder and treatment of my chronic back pain), and assisted with my worker’s compensation claim and settlement. Then, after trying to settle my injuries with the liability insurance carrier for the pickup truck driver, they filed a lawsuit on my behalf. Ultimately, we were able to settle my claims at a settlement conference with a mediation judge. I ended up recovering $165,000 on my injury claims. I felt the attorney and staff and McCormick & Murphy were quick and responsive in responding to my questions throughout this process.

Your Attorney Needs to Be Qualified and Prepared to Take Your Case to Trial

While most personal injury cases settle outside of court, some do go all the way to the courtroom. Insurance companies are not always willing to settle and will go to great lengths to get you to back down. When they threaten to go to court, you want a lawyer with trial experience. If your lawyer is scared to face defendants and judges in court, this says a lot about his experience as a lawyer.
This will negatively affect the outcome of your case. You will be forced to settle for much less money. Get an aggressive lawyer who will defend you in court if necessary.

Contact our Pueblo Personal Injury Attorneys

Whether you have suffered a car accident, motorcycle accident, dog bite, brain injury, slip and fall, or another type of personal injury, it’s important to seek legal help.
Under Colorado law, you can recover compensation for your injury if it was caused by the negligence of a third party. Therefore, don’t miss out on your rights to compensation. Financial assistance will be extremely important during your time of need.
If you have been seriously injured due to the fault of someone else, take action. Don’t lose out on obtaining compensation. You’ll need to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney right away.
The skilled Pueblo injury attorneys at McCormick & Murphy have dedicated more than 50 years of combined experience to personal injury cases.
Contact us online or call us anytime, 24/7 at (719) 451-7541 to schedule a free case evaluation.