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Colorado State Patrol Accident Reports

Learn How to Get your Traffic Accident Report From the Police Department 

If you were involved in a car accident where the Colorado State Patrol responded, you have multiple options for obtaining the Colorado State Patrol accident report for your crash: Online or by Email, Mail, or Fax.

It is important to note that the information here is only pertinent to those whose crash was responded to by the Colorado State Patrol (CSP).

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Getting Your Colorado State Patrol Accident Report Online

You can order your basic accident report online via the Colorado State Patrol Online Accident Report Request Form on the State Patrol Website in conjunction with the PayPort Online service.

The form requires you to enter the following information:

    • Case number of your accident;

    • Your first and last name;

    • The date that the crash took place; and

    • The location of the crash.

The basic Colorado State Highway Patrol accident report does not include witness statements, photos, or any other components of a crash investigation.

The CSP crash report costs $5 if it is 10 pages or fewer, and $.25 more for each page after 10 pages.

Further components such as a CD with photos, a Citation/Arrest Report, and In-Car Video can be obtained for an added charge.

If you request a Colorado Highway Patrol accident report through the online system, your request is processed the next business day. But it can take up to 10 business days before your report is available.

Getting Your Colorado State Patrol Accident Report by Email, Mail, or Fax

The Colorado State Patrol Accident Report request form can be downloaded from the Colorado State Patrol website and filled out by hand. The hard copy requires the same information as the online accident report request and provides the same options of ordering added information beyond the basic crash report.

The completed hard copy of the crash report request form can be:

    • Mailed to the Colorado State Patrol Central Records Unit, 700 Kipling St., Lakewood, CO 80215, or

    • Faxed to 303-239-4347.

You can decide by which method you prefer the Colorado State Patrol accident report to be sent to you: fax, mail, or email.

Should you elect to have the Colorado State Patrol accident report mailed to you, you should send a self-addressed, stamped envelope along with your order, along with payment (check or money order).

Other Important Information

    • It may take up to 10 days or more after a CSP car accident report has been completed by a state trooper in order for the Colorado State Patrol Accident Report to be available for order. It will be sent as soon as possible after payment is received.

    • If a state trooper did not respond to an accident due to an Accident Alert (inclement weather or high volume of accidents prevent troopers from responding) condition or other circumstance, individuals involved in the crash can file their own crash report online.

Accident Alerts are initiated on a geographical and jurisdictional basis.

That means some areas may be on alert and others not. While the weather may be perfectly clear where you are, other regions may be experiencing challenging weather conditions. There are some circumstances where police and troopers will respond even if an alert is in effect.

They will usually only respond under the following conditions:

    • Your accident is an alleged hit and run;

    • One or more drivers are allegedly under the influence of drugs or alcohol;

    • Someone requires medical attention or there is a fatality; and

    • There is damage to any public property (not including wildlife), such as a highway guardrail.

If you are unsure whether your area is under an Accident Alert and you are involved in a collision, you can still call the police. They will advise you as to whether or not an officer can respond.

You might also need to file a proof of financial responsibility form if you did not supply the responding officer with your current liability insurance information.

If you provided a copy of your insurance at the scene, you will not be required to file one. You typically have 10 days to file your form. You should report the accident to your insurance company whether or not you or the other driver received a citation.

Filing Your Own Colorado Car Accident Reports

If you need to file your own Colorado online accident report, you can do so using the Online Crash Reporting System.

This service is provided as a courtesy by the Colorado State Patrol, but the reports are not filed with CSP and they do not have access to the reports.

Any accident report that you submit using this system goes on file with the Department of Revenue, so you need to request any copies directly from them. You can contact the Department of Revenue by calling 303-205-5600.

Getting Your Accident Report from Other Colorado Police Agencies:

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