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Can I Sue Uber After A Colorado Car Accident?

Ridesharing has become increasingly popular in Colorado and throughout the United States.

According to a report compiled by the Brookings Institution, the number of Uber drivers on the road in Denver has nearly doubled in the last two years.

Of course, Uber is not simply limited to Colorado’s largest city; the company operates throughout the state, from the Denver suburbs down to Colorado Springs and Pueblo.

Unfortunately, like any other vehicles on the road, Uber cars are sometimes involved in major accidents. Due to the complicated nature of how this company does business, victims are often unsure of what exactly they are supposed to do after a crash.

At McCormick & Murphy, P.C., our Colorado Uber and car accident lawyers have helped protect the legal rights and financial interests of many injured victims. If you were injured in a crash due to the negligence of an Uber driver, we can help you hold the company responsible for your damages.

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Protect Your Rights: What to Do After an Uber Accident

1. Seek Medical Assistance

If you were hurt in a Colorado Uber accident, please get yourself to a doctor for an immediate, professional medical examination. Do not try to ‘tough out’ your injuries. Not only are car accident injuries often far more severe than they initially seem to be, but you will not be able to bring an Uber accident claim unless you have valid supporting medical records.

2. Report the Crash to State or Local Law Enforcement

As articulated by the Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), state law requires that all highway accidents are to be reported to law enforcement. If you are a driver who is involved in a crash with an Uber, you are legally required to report that accident. If you are an Uber passenger involved in a collision, it is strongly in your best interest to make sure that the accident is properly reported so that you can make a statement to police.

3. Report the Crash to Uber

Uber accidents should also quickly be reported to the company. You can report the accident through your smartphone application, or through the company’s website.

If you are having any trouble getting a response from the company, or if you believe that Uber’s response is inadequate, you should contact a qualified Colorado rideshare accident attorney as soon as possible.

4. Consult With a Colorado Uber Accident Lawyer

If you or a family member has been severely injured in a Colorado car accident, it is imperative that you seek professional legal guidance.

This is even more important in Uber accident claims, as these types of cases are notoriously complex. You are not alone in this difficult time: our experienced attorneys can help.

When Can Uber Be Held Liable for a Car Accident?

Under the Colorado Revised Statutes Section 13-21-111, liability for an auto accident is based on the legal theory of negligence. Put simply, this means that another party can be held legally liable for your crash, if you can establish that their unsafe actions or inactions caused the accident.

Uber bears a basic responsibility for its drivers, so if an Uber driver was negligent, and you were injured as a result, the company may be financially responsible for your damages. Though, liability is made somewhat more complex by the fact that Uber drivers hold several different types of intersecting insurance policies.

What You Need to Know About Uber’s Insurance Policies

Most Uber drivers use their vehicle for both personal and commercial purposes. If you are taking an UberX or an UberPool, you are almost certainly in a dual-purpose vehicle.

This makes questions of insurance more complicated, as there are different insurance policies that will be active at different times.

Specifically, Uber vehicles fit into one of the three following categories:

Personal Use

When an Uber driver is using their vehicle for solely personal reasons, meaning that their Uber app is turned off, then Uber the company has no relationship to any accident that occurs. So, if you are injured in an accident with a negligent Uber driver who was not actually working at the time of the crash, you will need to bring a claim against that driver’s personal liability insurance.

Active, But Between Passengers

There are many times when an Uber is driving around, waiting for the next passenger to pick up. In these circumstances, the vehicle is in a grey area, in between a personal car and a commercial vehicle. As such, it is covered by Uber’s $100,000 contingent liability policy.

With Passengers

Finally, whenever an Uber has passengers inside the vehicle, Uber’s $1,000,000 commercial insurance policy is active. If you are an Uber passenger injured in an accident, you can always bring a claim against the company. If you are an occupant of another vehicle or a pedestrian, you can still bring a claim against Uber’s commercial policies, so long as the vehicle had paying customers inside of it when the collision occurred.

Compensation Available to Colorado Uber Accident Victims

Colorado Uber accident victims are entitled to full compensation for their losses. Sadly, a fair and just recovery can be challenging to obtain, as Uber and its insurance companies often fight aggressively, in order to try to limit the value of claims.

In fact, in some cases, multiple insurance companies may try to point the finger at each other in an effort to escape any liability at all.

Our Colorado Uber accident lawyers will help you hold Uber and its insurers accountable so that you can maximize your compensation.

You may be able to recover money for any of the following types of damages:

  • Ambulance fees;
  • Emergency room bills;
  • Other hospital and medical bills;
  • Long-term disability;
  • Lost wages;
  • Diminished earning capacity;
  • Pain and suffering;
  • Emotional distress;
  • Loss of limb;
  • Disfigurement;
  • Loss of lifestyle; and
  • Wrongful death damages.

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