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Top 4 Sites That Pose The Greatest Risk Of Slip & Fall Accidents In Colorado

This is alarming. Do you know that according to the National Floor Safety Institute, approximately 1 million ER visits in the US are because of slip and fall accidents? 20Twenty percent of the fall accidents lead to severe injuries. These may include neck injuries, bone fractures, TBIs, and spinal cord injuries. Some accidents may result in a life-long disability and even death. In such a situation, it is best to get in touch with an experienced and trusted premises injury lawyer in Colorado. Though nothing can compensate for the pain and death of a loved one, it can at least provide you with the justice and closure needed to move forward with life.

So, if you’re wondering what are the places that pose the greatest risk of slip and fall accidents in Colorado, then read on to find out.

Top 4 Sites That Pose the Greatest Risk of Slip & Fall Accidents

1. Parking Lots- Tread Lightly, Park Safely

A parking lot may be seemingly mundane, but it can become highly dangerous if it isn’t maintained. Such a lot can exhibit signs of wear, such as broken potholes, cracks, and uneven surfaces. All these aspects pose a high risk of slip and fall accidents, causing injuries to people.

Therefore, property owners must uphold their duty to maintain safe conditions in their lots throughout the year to minimize the risk of slip-and-fall injuries and accidents. 

2. Escalators and Elevators: Ascend with Care

Moving between floors is a daily routine for many, whether it’s in office buildings, shopping malls, or residential complexes. Though elevators and escalators are convenient, they can become hotspots for slip-and-fall accidents if they are not maintained properly. Sadly, spilled liquids and malfunctioning elevators and escalators can quickly turn a routine ride into a hazardous experience.

Indeed, according to the law, owners have the duty of care towards the public to ensure the transit equipment and systems are inspected and maintained regularly.

3. Grocery Stores- Aisle by Aisle, Step by Step

Navigating the aisles of grocery stores or retail outlets is a routine task for many Coloradans. However, the very aisles meant to make shopping convenient can become zones of peril. Spills from broken products, leaks from refrigeration units, or even misplaced merchandise can turn a shopping trip into a legal battleground. Retailers must prioritize regular inspections and prompt cleanup of any potential hazards.

4. Restaurants: Savor the Experience, Mind the Floor

Restaurants offer diverse culinary experiences. However, the ambiance and enjoyment of these establishments can be overshadowed by the risk of slip-and-fall accidents. Spills, condensation, and uneven flooring are common culprits that can turn a delightful evening into a painful memory.

Wrapping Up

Slips and falls can bring your life to a standstill. These accidents can cause serious injuries that can lead to a long recovery time and great financial burden related to treatment fees and lost income. So, if you or a loved one or you have suffered from injuries in a terrible slip and fall accident due to someone else’s carelessness or negligence, then contact our seasoned premises injury lawyer in Colorado. You can call us at (719) 419-8510 today for your free consultation. We specialize in slip and fall accidents. At McCormick & Murphy, P.C., we have 50 years of collective legal experience and proven expertise in getting clients fair compensation and justice. We can help you cope with this challenging time with a smile and get back on the path to recovery with financial stability.