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Common Slip And Fall Injuries

Many people assume auto crashes are the most common type of unintentional injuries, so you might be surprised to learn about the frequency and severity of slip and fall accidents. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), almost 8.6 million people seek medical care in emergency rooms every year because of these incidents. Plus, unintentional falls are the number one reason for ED treatment in 8 out of 10 age groups. For victims, the most common slip and fall injuries can lead to agonizing injuries and pain; however, there are many other financial and emotional consequences that can affect your life.

Fortunately, Colorado law provides you with legal remedies after being hurt in a slip and fall accident.  It is important to discuss your options with a Colorado premises liability lawyer if you suffered any of these common slip and fall injuries or other harm from dangerous conditions on property.

Head Injuries

The immediate and long-term health issues related to concussion, traumatic brain injury (TBI), and other head injuries can be extreme. While the skull does protect the brain, it may not withstand a forceful impact, causing bleeding, hemorrhage, or even a penetrating brain injury. Depending on the area of the brain affected and the severity of the trauma, a victim could suffer permanent brain damage and substantial cognitive issues. 

Sprains and Strains

Falls can often result in stretching and tearing of various muscles and ligaments, resulting in what are referred to as “soft tissue” injuries.  These injuries can be severe and require months of therapy and other treatments.   

Broken Bones

A particularly hard fall could cause bone fractures, especially of your arms, hands, shoulders, ankles and legs.    

Spine and Neck Injuries

Your spine enables strength, movement, and flexibility for the rest of the body, so there are multiple consequences it bears the brunt of a fall. The effects generally relate to the section of the spine that sustains trauma; therefore:

  • Injuries that affect the lumbar region of the lower back could lead to reduced function in the legs and hips;
  • Trauma to the thoracic area, in the center of the spine, may cause organ dysfunction and weakness in the extremities; and,
  • A cervical spine injury, toward the upper back and neck and arms, can be one of the most serious forms of trauma. 

Contact a Colorado Slip and Fall Attorney to Discuss Your Options. If you were hurt in an accident that occurred because of property owner negligence, you will need experienced representation to assist with the claims process. For more information on how our team can help, please contact McCormick & Murphy right away. You can call 719-419-8510 or go online to set up a free consultation at our offices in Colorado Springs, Denver, or Pueblo, CO.