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Motorcycle Accidents In Colorado

Motorcycle accidents are some of the most devastating collisions in which a person can be involved. This is largely due to the fact that most occur of these accidents between motorcyclists, who have almost no protection from impact, and automobiles. For this reason, the injuries suffered by motorcyclists in these kinds of collisions tend to be particularly severe, often resulting in permanent disability or even death. Fortunately, injured parties whose accidents were the result of someone else’s negligence can recover compensation for their losses, so if you were recently injured in a motorcycle accident in Colorado, it is important to consult with an experienced attorney who can help explain your legal options.

Common Motorcycle Accidents 

Motorcycle accidents, like any type of vehicle collision, can occur in a variety of situations. The majority of motorcycle accidents, however, occur between drivers and motorcyclists in intersections, where the driver:

  • Collides with a motorcycle that is also trying to turn left; or
  • Crashes into a motorcyclist who is traveling in the opposite direction. 

Intersections are by no means the only places where collisions between motorcyclists and motorists occur. For instance, many of these collisions occur because a driver failed to check his or her blind spot when changing lanes on the freeway. Following motorcyclists too closely is also dangerous to motorcyclists who can sustain devastating injuries, even if the collision would otherwise be considered a minor fender bender if it involved two standard sized vehicles. 

The negligence of other drivers is not the only danger faced by motorcyclists, who are also much more likely to be injured in accidents caused by road defects, such as:

  • Potholes;
  • Broken or cracked asphalt; and
  • Uneven road surfaces.

The presence of road debris, including rubber from blown tires, trash, and cargo spills can also cause serious accidents for nearby motorcyclists. Fortunately, even when a motorcyclist is injured in an accident that is not the result of a driver’s negligence, he or she could still be entitled to damages if that individual can prove that a city or agency’s negligence, such as improper road maintenance or a failure to make repairs, was the cause of an accident. 

Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries 

Motorcyclists, who do not have the benefit of the protections offered by airbags, seat belts, and thousands of pounds of metal between themselves and the road, are much more likely to sustain life-threatening injuries in accidents, such as:

  • Compound leg bone fractures;
  • Severe lacerations and road rash;
  • Broken collarbones and ribs;
  • Pelvic fractures;
  • Amputations;
  • Facial fractures;
  • Traumatic brain injuries; 
  • Organ damage and internal bleeding; 
  • Spinal cord injuries; and
  • Soft tissue injuries. 

Although these injuries range in severity, most are expensive and painful to treat, as they often require emergency care, diagnostic tests, hospitalization, physical therapy and rehabilitation, surgery, and even nursing assistance. 

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