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Difference Between Personal Injury Protection And Medical Payments

Nobody expects to be involved in a car accident, yet collisions ranging from minor to severe can occur suddenly at nearly any time of the day or night in Colorado. When a person is involved in a crash in Colorado that results in serious injuries, it’s important to learn about options for compensation. If this is your situation, you might be wondering about the difference between personal injury protection and medical payments, two types of insurance coverage that you may have heard apply to victims of car crashes in Colorado.

Colorado used to be what is a “no-fault” state for auto insurance purposes and insurance companies to issue coverage for the occupants of vehicles that would compensate them for medical expenses up to \$100,000.00, and for other benefits, such as lost wages, and rehabilitation in excess of that amount.  That has changed and now vehicle owners have the option to choose whether they will purchase medical coverage, and if so, the amount of coverage that they will elect to have.  Our Colorado auto accident lawyers will explain more about how the coverage works. 

Understanding Colorado MedPay Coverage

What do you need to know about medical payments coverage in Colorado? The following are some key points about this type of insurance that you should understand:

  • Medical payments coverage of \$5,000 is automatically included with auto insurance policies in Colorado, unless you specifically choose to waive it;
  • MedPay is not a requirement under Colorado law;
  • Motorists can opt out of MedPay coverage if they want to do so; and
  • Motorists can carry more than $5,000 in medical payments coverage if they choose to.

Contact a Colorado Car Accident Lawyer

Colorado insurance law can be complicated, but an experienced Colorado auto accident lawyer can answer any questions you have about PIP or MedPay coverage in the state in addition to discussing other options for compensation. Contact McCormick & Murphy, P.C. to learn more.