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Who To Call For Reckless Driving

It is common to observe motorists driving carelessly as they navigate traffic, but reckless driving takes things to the next level by significantly increasing the risk of serious harm in accidents. Though Colorado Department of Transportation data reveals that unsafe, intentional misconduct is a factor in just around six percent of all crashes the rates of serious injuries and fatalities are disproportionately high in reckless driving crashes. Because of the threats to and potential for severe harm, you probably want to know who to call for reckless driving if you see it.

The answer is relatively straightforward, as there are multiple law enforcement agencies you can notify. However, the situation is different if you were injured in a reckless driving collision. Under the circumstances, your first call after seeking medical care should be to a Colorado Springs reckless driving accidents lawyer. Some information about your legal options will help you understand why.

Contact Authorities About Reckless Driving

Instead of trying to reach a specific branch or government agency, the best way to address reckless driving when you see it is to call 911. Depending upon your location in Colorado, you may be dealing with:

  • The Colorado State Patrol;
  • Sheriff’s offices in Denver, El Paso, or Pueblo Counties;
  • Local police in the municipality where you see reckless driving; or,
  • Law enforcement personnel with jurisdiction over a college campus, state or national park, or other regions.

Call an Attorney if You Were Involved in a Reckless Driving Accident

Your first priority should be getting proper medical treatment, but make it a priority to reach out to a Colorado Springs car accident lawyer after being injured in a reckless driving crash. Your attorney can assist with the first stage of the legal process, which is usually filing a claim with the reckless motorist’s insurance company. Your reckless driving accident lawyer can also undertake a thorough investigation of the collision, including contacting and interviewing important eyewitnesses. In some cases, you may be able to settle to resolve your claim. In others, the insurer may contest the severity of your injuries or deny that its policyholder was at fault. Your lawyer will help with the next phase, since you may need to file a lawsuit in court to recover the monetary damages you deserve. You may be entitled to compensation for such losses as:

  • Your medical costs;
  • Lost wages;
  • Pain and suffering;
  • Emotional distress; and,
  • Many others.

In addition, Colorado law allows victims of personal injury accidents to seek punitive damages when the incident involves willful or wanton conduct. It is possible that reckless driving could rise to this level, meaning you could obtain damages in excess of the amounts intended as compensation. The legal process is extremely complicated, so you should rely on your lawyer for help with punitive damages.

Consult with a Colorado Springs Reckless Driving Accident Attorney About Your Remedies

This overview should be helpful in describing the general legal concepts regarding reckless driving crashes, but it is no replacement for retaining an experienced lawyer to represent you. For more information about your options, please contact McCormick & Murphy at our offices in Colorado Springs, Denver, or Pueblo, CO. We can schedule a free case evaluation to review your situation and determine next steps.