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Holly, Colorado Springs

A few years ago, a drunk driver turned left in front of me, totaling my car. I had multiple injuries, including headaches, damage to my jaw, neck pain, loss of range of motion, and loss of strength in my right shoulder. I saw many doctors and therapists. Eventually, an orthopedic surgeon recommended a shoulder surgery.  The drunk driver, I learned, did not have any insurance. I had to turn to my own insurance company for uninsured motorist coverage. That’s when my nightmare began.

My insurance company claimed I was not hurt, and suggested that I did not need the treatment I received.  When it came to settlement, they made an offer that was less than my medical expenses. I was so frustrated. I could not believe it. I decided to contact McCormick & Murphy law firm based on their personal injury expertise and their Christian backgrounds. 

They, too, ran into problems with my insurance company who refused to honor the arbitration provision in my policy and continued to make minimal settlement offers. McCormick & Murphy  fought with the insurance company over arbitration and, eventually, won a large recovery for me from the arbitration panel. The final recovery was almost ten times what the insurance company had offered to settle my claim.  I was happy with McCormick & Murphy and would whole heartedly recommend them to others.