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T.S., Pueblo

In November 2008, while I was driving from one office to another, on Hwy 50 east of Pueblo, I slowed to avoid a vehicle that had stopped after striking a deer.  A pickup truck behind me struck the rear of my Jeep, propelling me off the road into a ditch.  

At first, I didn’t think I was too badly hurt and I declined the ambulance and did not go the emergency room.  Soon, however, my back and shoulder were becoming quite painful and I was having difficulty sleeping. I tried to get my employer and the workers comp carrier to allow me to see a doctor, but they dragged their feet.  Finally, after about three weeks, I did see a doctor.  

That doctor, a workers compensation doctor, quickly declared that I was able to return to full work duties and filed closing report with workers compensation (even though I needed further care).   The pickup truck driver’s insurance kept calling me wanting to settle, offering me just \$2,600.  

I decided I needed to see an attorney about my injuries, my insurance, and my unpaid property damage.  I searched for a Christian attorney.  I found the law firm of McCormick & Murphy and set up an initial free consultation with them.  The initial meeting was informative and I did not feel pressured by them.  I felt comfortable with the attorney I met with and decided to hire them.  

They gathered my medical records, guided me with my insurance issues and my need to get treatment (including surgery on my shoulder and treatment of my chronic back pain), and assisted with my workers compensation claim and settlement.  Then, after trying to settle my injuries with the liability insurance carrier for the pickup truck driver, they filed a lawsuit on my behalf.  

Ultimately, we were able to settle my claims at a settlement conference with a mediation judge.   Overall, I recovered a total combined amount of \$165,000 on my injury claims.  I felt the attorney and staff and McCormick & Murphy were quick and responsive in responding to my questions throughout this process.